Special Event Lighting

This is where Halcyon Productions shines.

Literally. Far from an extravagance, special event lighting is the most cost effective and dramatic way to create the mood at any event. There is no event (even a daytime luncheon) that cannot benefit from good lighting. From a romantic wedding reception to restrained lighting for an elegant fundraiser to an exuberant, playful and over the top light show at a dance party, good lighting always makes the difference between an average event and a great one.

Halcyon Productions owns and regularly maintains a large inventory of conventional, LED and intelligent lighting fixtures as well as gel and gobos for almost every theme or color scheme. We spend a great deal of time researching and purchasing fixtures that are innovative, deliver the highest quality optics, magnificent output and color saturation as well as fixtures that we personally love. When it comes to special event lighting, it is about the equipment,  how it is used, taste, experience and the ability to look at a space and envision how it can best be brought to life with light.